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    Subway Shop in Chicago Has Bulletproof Glass Barrier Installed

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    Chicago is just one city in the United States where shootings are far too common. Recently, a man named Dave Savini, who works as an investigative reporter at CBS 2, stopped at a Subway sandwich shop located on the South Side and found it was covered by a large window of bulletproof glass.

    Gun violence is prevalent in many American cities forcing many to resort to extreme precautionary measures. Recently an investigative reporter at CBS Chicago, Dave Savini, stopped at a Subway sandwich shop located on the South Side.

    He was shocked to find the counter was encompassed by a barrier of bulletproof glass. Savini was so surprised by the sight, he snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter and Facebook.

    It shows that both the food lineup and staffers are completely protected by the wall of glass, serving as a sad sign of the times. Savini saw the bulletproof window as proof that the area is susceptible to violent and often random crimes.

    The subway is located between the Roseland and West Pullman neighborhoods, which are both associated with gang violence. Although crime statistics in these areas recently declined, both neighborhoods rank in the top 15 in the city for violent crime.

    This Subway isn’t the first to install bulletproof glass however. Shops in Detroit and Oakland also have protective glass barriers.