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    John Kerry Takes Puppy to 'Bring Your Child to Work Day'

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    Secretary of State John Kerry took part in the 'Bring Your Child to Work Day' event, but he brought along his dog named Ben instead of his kids.

    Thursday, April 24th was Bring Your Child to Work Day. Secretary of State John Kerry took part in the event, only he didn’t bring his kids.

    Instead, Kerry chose to take along his dog.

    Everything started out just fine. He brought the pooch out on a leash, walked up the podium and began speaking to the crowd.

    Kerry remarked “There’s one rule in show business: Don’t do anything with kids or animals. I’m breaking those rules today big time ... This is Ben. He’s named for Ben Franklin, among other things, our first diplomat. He’s actually the diplo-mutt.”

    The 1-year-old pup started out sitting rather calmly next to his owner, but it didn’t take long for him to start exploring. Ben tried to jump up on a nearby table, but Kerry reprimanded him.

    He told the pooch to sit and Ben listened for a brief moment at least, before hopping up on Kerry. The dog then walked over to a sign language interpreter and jumped on her.

    Kerry did his best to control the pup while he continued on with his speech, but Ben continued on with the mischievous streak, biting and tugging on the leash. Kerry made sure to point out that since his kids are grown, Ben was the best he could do for the event.