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    Iraqi Kurds reach agreement on new government


    by PressTV

    Leaders in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region have finally reached an agreement on the new government around seven months after the elections. Officials from the ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party will work with the anti-corruption Change Movement. Observers say the Change Movement has two problematic ministries among its share. In the Finance Ministry the party is facing challenges in solving budget disputes with Baghdad. In the Peshmarga Military Ministry the party has to unify Kurdistan’s politically controlled military. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani’s Patriotic Union of Kurdistan was relegated to third place in the election after years of sharing government power. Patriotic Union members reject claims that they’re struggling to accept the government agreements. The political tension comes as the Patriotic Union claims that Iraq’s President Talabani will return to Kurdistan very soon. Talabani has apparently been hospitalized in Germany after suffering a stroke almost a year and a half ago. Some critics say that announcing Kurdistan’s new regional government just days before Iraq’s national elections is a campaign tactic. Meanwhile others are content that party leaders have finally reached agreements seven months after voters went to the polls.