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    Prem Deewane - Part 10 - Jackie Shroff , Madhuri Dixit, Pooja Bhatt- Bollywood Romantic Movie


    by Rajshri

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    Watch Part 10 of "Prem Deewane" (1992) starring Jackie Shroff , Madhuri Dixit, Pooja Bhatt, Vivek Mushran
    Prouduced By Mukta Arts
    Directed By Sachin Pilgaonkar
    Music by Laxmikant Pyarelal
    Synopsis : Radha (Pooja Bhatt) and Manohar (Vivek Mushran) are in love and want to marry each other. But Radha's father is staunchly against this union as Manohar belongs to a poor family. He even instructs Radha not to meet him and confines her in the house. But Radha manages to escape and lands in Manohar's house. Radha's uncle Natarwalal (Prem Chopra) is the biggest support of these love birds who help them to elope.
    He even advises them to kidnap a wealthy man and demand ransom in exchange for his release. And then take the money to Radha's father. While doing so, Radha and Manohar discover Natwarlal's cruel intentions. Will Radha and Manohar do as suggested by Natwarlal? Who will they kidnap if they do?