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    Signs Your Boss Is Pushing You Out: Diminished Email


    by askmen

    This one may seem like a welcome change, but if your inbox isn't quite as packed as it used to be, don't be so quick to pat yourself on the back for being unusually efficient as of late. Those old communications and discussions you were once a part of have likely been rerouted to that idiot down the hall who's been gunning for your job ever since the day he got hired. If you want to be proactive about this one, go ask one of your shady correspondents why he or she hasn't gotten back to you yet, and don't let 'em off the hook with something along the lines of "I've been really busy lately." Let your contacts know that you're trying to finish the project despite their holding up of progress. While such confrontation may result in a quicker termination, wouldn't you rather just get the boot instead of doing another two weeks of pointless busy-work?