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    Signs Your Boss Is Pushing You Out: Private Assemblies


    by askmen

    Once you've been removed from vital emails, the next (and often final) thing to disappear from your daily docket is invitations to office meetings. If the company seems to be running just fine without you, with more and more organized discussions taking place in your absence, it might be time to start packing. As a last-ditch effort, you could attempt to crash one of these exclusive soirees, but you do risk the chance of achieving little more than a fixed and eternal reputation as "that dude who lost his mind before interrupting the Quarterly Agenda Conference Call with a pickaxe tucked into his underwear." If you're still hanging around at this point, your best bet at preserving any shred of self-respect or dignity is to pack your potted plants and bobble-heads before slipping out the back door at 3 PM. On the other hand, how many people can say they've publicly flipped off their boss in a glorious act of crash n' burn defiance?