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    Signs Your Boss Is Pushing You Out: The Shortest Straw


    by askmen

    If your boss has tried everything else under the sun, he might resort to more obvious, less orthodox tactics. So when you get "randomly" selected to share a cubicle with Larry -- the Larry who never quite mastered the art of regular bathing -- understand that the Powers That Be are trying to smoke you out via the accountant's unbearable unwashed, bear-like odor. Similarly, if your job description changes suddenly and drastically to include duties such as "trash removal," "toilet scrubbing," and "sitting," do not assume you've merely been promoted to Chief Janitor. But that's not to say you should accept your dismal fate lying down -- at least when there's no hope of salvaging your job, you can have fun with it! Order some woefully offensive ties on the internet (Muppets having sex, anyone?), "forget" to plug your headphones into your laptop as you loop "Wrecking Ball" ad infinitum, and -- for those with sensitive stomachs -- order too much Indian food for lunch every day and let the fireworks rip!