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    Signs Your Boss Is Pushing You Out: Paper Trail


    by askmen

    When your coworkers have begun to poke and prod you via email with questions such as "What do you mean by that?" or "You think what about Old Bossman McGoo?" or "So if you were to murder everyone in the office, how would you do it?" be careful: it just might be a set up. We don't want to make you paranoid amongst your work pals who love to speculate as much as you do about your manager's hairpiece, or who really knocked up his secretary, but seemingly random prompts to defamation could be the insidious work of a boss requesting his minions to fish for incriminating slander. If you suspect you might already be on thin ice, save these sorts of jibes for happy hour, as you can easily write off an accusing coworker as a confused drunk. But in general, simply reserve gossip for the break room rather than over email. That is, unless you work for a spy gear manufacturing company, in which case - keep your mouth shut even when you're on the toilet.