Signs Your Boss Is Pushing You Out: The Clone


by askmen

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Who couldn't use a bit more help from time to time from a doting assistant or intern? Unfortunately, such lifesaving patsies are reserved for the jack-holes in the penthouse offices who get the best parking spaces -- so if you're an entry level grunt who's suddenly gifted a new coworker, congratulations: you just met your replacement. These folks are easy to spot, as they want to learn every little detail of your daily grind, from your report filing procedures, to your preferred method of brewing coffee, to the number of times you urinate in a day. To stick it to your company big-time, deploy any and every bonehead mistake you've made over the years and teach them to your underling as the "most effective techniques." Unless your scab has been in the business a while, he won't have the sense to recognize your ploy, and the company will be in disarray for weeks after you've left.

PRO TIP: Take advantage of your "assistant" by having him bring bagels each morning.