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For bike lovers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and people on the go...

SuperTooth Moto is the new hands-free & safe solution. You can answer mobile phone calls without removing your helmet, & gain total freedom on the road.

Key Features

* Serves as a 2-way intercom. You can talk to your passenger or another motorcyclist (within 100 metres) through their own Supertooth Moto units.
* Answer or reject calls with:
- Easy multi-function buttons. 1 button to call / hang up, 2 keys to adjust the volume.
- Voice commands. Say "Yes" to accept calls, stay silent for 7 secs. to reject them
* Volume adjustment:
- The speaker volume adjusts automatically, it reacts to ambient noise while driving on speed, for clarity of sound.
- You may adjust it yourself to the desired level.
* Noise and echo canceling technology. Using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), it detects only your voice, eliminates background noise.

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