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    Brotherhood supporters call for anti-government protests in Egypt


    by PressTV

    Protests broke out in Egypt following Easter holidays. Students and other Pro Morsi protestors took to the streets denouncing the military and current interim government who they blame for the death and detention of hundreds of protesters.
    The cycle of violence continued on Wednesday when a bomb killed a senior police officer. The home made explosive device was planted in his car. Militants have increased their attacks on security officials since the removal of Morsi from presidency. The attacks have left hundreds dead. Meanwhile, the US government has announced that as Egypt is sticking with the Camp David Peace treaty therefore it qualifies for military and counter-terrorism aid. The decision clears the way for the delivery of Apache helicopters that have been held up by the US since last July. It also implies the release of some of the 1.3 billion dollars of aid that America gives to Egypt to be used in Counter terrorism efforts and operations in the Sinai. By deciding to resume military assistance to Egypt, the US is putting forward their fight against militancy over Egypt's progression towards democracy. But whether Egypt will be able to fight the increasing rate of attacks on its security forces remains to be seen.