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    Syria preparing for pres. vote despite obstacles


    by PressTV

    Across the streets in Damascus , these massive road ads call on citizens to vote in the much-anticipated presidential election that will take place on the 3rd of June. It is the first presidential election in Syria with multiple candidates since 1958. The Syrian government has high hopes of the election and says it will spare no effort to render it a success. Across the street from the supreme constitutional court that will oversee the election in the Syrian parliament, there were all sorts of different opinions about the upcoming election and what is expected from it. So far only one candidate submitted his application. Maher Al-Hajjar , a parliamentarian from Aleppo and former activist from the Syrian communist party who refused to be interviewed so far saying he will soon hold a press conference to announce his campaign goals. The opposition inside Syria has decided to boycott the election while the western-backed external opposition has rejected the whole notion of election. The obstacles facing the vote seem enormous but the Syrian government is resolute to hold the event.