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    A Link to the Past Week #141 - Le Zapping du jeu vidéo

    Do It Yourself Production

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    A Link to the Past Week #141, le Zapping du Jeu Vidéo
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    Fingersnapping Super Mario Bros. - Emil Axelsson
    Gameboy 25th Anniversary - Rickonami / Fantomenk
    Training Theme Mike Tison’s Punch Out - familyjules7x
    Unforgotten - Halo 2 Cover - 8bit Brigadier
    Mega Man X - Armored Armadillo cover - 94stones
    Medieval Theme Rayman Legends - Zorsy
    Fire Emblem Together We Ride - SmoothMcGroove
    Loz: Ballad of the Goddess - michelleheafy
    Dam Silo Goldeneye - Swiggles1987 MattAttack
    Silent Hill Medley - Camille and Kennerly
    K.K. Moody from AC New Leaf - Aivi Tran
    Eye of the tiger Guile theme mashup - Charlie Parra Del Riego