Fugitive in fatal Portland, Oregon police shootout looked to kidnap teens with 'moveable dungeon'

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Portland police shot and killed a career criminal who had converted a minivan into a "moveable dungeon." They found rope and chains in the vehicle as well as handwritten surveillance notes on about 20 women who were potential targets following the March 12 shootout.

Kelly Vern Swoboda, 49, was wanted for two bank robberies in 2013 and for abducting a woman in January. The woman Swoboda abducted managed to escape from his moving vehicle and although she sustained serious injuries to her head, she was able to provide police with a licence plate number.

Two months later, police responded to calls about a suspicious man near Wilson High School. They approached Swoboda and noticed the rear licence plate didn't match their description. He told the officer he was going to the public library one block away.

Officers then noticed the front licence plate was different from the back plate and, in fact, did match their records for Swoboda. Two officers were looking for him near the library. Officer Romero stayed close to Swoboda's van.

Officer Romero spotted Swoboda on Cheltenham Street and commanded him to stop. Swoboda didn't comply with the order and instead pulled out a .45 caliber handgun. The two exchanged gunfire. Romero was hit in the hand and Swoboda was fatally wounded by a shot to the chest.

Police discovered chains, ropes and zip ties in Swoboda's van along with DVD's of teen porn. They also discovered handwritten surveillance notes on about 20 women with licence plate numbers, ratings and whether they were alone.


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