Golden fish_Part 1 (re-uploaded)


par chibiBooh

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I've just noticed that the subs were really... BIG... so I reUploaded with smaller ones!
hope it's better now ;)

I found the subs on the web & edited on the video myself... so if there's any mistake, please tell me ;)

i cut it into parts because it's longer than I thought... just be patient : I'll upload the other parts asap!

4 commentaires

i see it many many times but i love watch it again
so thanks ^^
Par Mylo93 il y a 5 ans
Sometimes I am very sad when I watch this because it would have been Yunho instead of JJ if he didn't get poisoned... :(
Par dwarthy il y a 6 ans
exact! ^^
Par chibiBooh il y a 7 ans
trop mimi,kim jaejoong!!!
so cute!!!lol^^
Il fait partie du groupe Dong Bang Shin Ki,c'est sa,je crois?
Par MaXXie lily il y a 7 ans