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    My Little Disney: I Saw a Dragon

    Daga Yemar

    by Daga Yemar

    There were a number of good suggestions for the role of Lampie in the last video, but I decided after much thought to go with my gut and cast Pinkie. I don't usually put the song before the character, but after trying with both Rainbow and Fluttershy, something just felt off. Pinkie definitely has the energy to pull this off well.

    And this song is actually a prime example of why I use movie clips to capture songs instead of the official soundtrack. The soundtrack, (which is much easier to find on Youtube, to my annoyance), is a completely different song from this. Go listen to it and compare. It's got two additional verses, almost none of the lyrics are the same, the tone is completely different, the ending doesn't match the movie at all. It's just not the same song. If I sometimes take too long posting a new video, it's usually because I'm trying to deal with stuff like this! All I want is the REAL song, not some cover! Why is that so hard to find?

    I do own My Little Pony and Disney! *CLICK*
    I do own My Little Pony and Disney! *CLICK*
    I do own My Little Pony and Disney! *CLICK*
    .......Well, these ruby slippers are a bust. Guess it's back to the drawing board...