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    Batman: Arkham Origins - Cold Cold Heart DLC Walkthrough Part 1 Freeze Crashes


    by knightwing01

    A Freeze is coming in Batman Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart DLC. Batman Vs Mr. Freeze in a Heart of Ice themed Story DLC for Batman Arkham Origins. EX Bat Suit & Story DLC Gameplay, Impressions & Review!

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    Batman Arkham Origins DLC COLD COLD HEART walkthrough with commentary. This story campaign dlc is part of the Season Pass for $19.99 or sold separately for $9.99 USD.

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    Chilling Mr Freeze Voice provided by - Nick Cortez

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    The Cold, Cold Heart story add-on introduces new locations including Wayne Manor and GothCorp, taking players on an ice-cold journey as Victor Fries encounters Batman for the first time. Players will have access to all new gadgets including Thermocharged Batarangs and Thermal Gloves. Batman is also equipped with his powerful Extreme Environment (XE) suit to take down Mr. Freeze and his Cryo-thugs in hours of new story content.


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