W - I - G - O - U - T

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Fabrice J.
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is your house infested with wiggers?
do you wish your wigger could be cured?
well now, you can use Snoop Dogg's new de-wigger-service : W-I-G-O-U-T



Sympa ^-^ :)) .....
By fluffy199 4 years ago
This is nice^^
By dead_without_visual_kei 6 years ago
Just way too funny
By Legendaryone 6 years ago

It's a parody. There is an extreme difference between pointing & laughing at exaggerated stereotypes and using racial slurs.
By bugger2 6 years ago
wow, this is the most racist piece of work I've seen in a long time. it's not ok for a white guy to say nigger, but a black guy can go make all the jokes he wants about white people, and it's considered quality comedy?
By jehan60188 6 years ago
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