NWO Saturday Night feat. Outsiders


by Stinger1981

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NWO Saturday Night segment feat. The Outsiders.


When Nash is doing his signature Knees+Back Elbows in the corner and Hall says "we've seen those imitated, but not duplicated" I right away thought of when Kane played Diesel. Great stuff and wish they would have did this a lot longer than they did.
By ev0luti0nIV 7 years ago
I have these on tape/DVD, and it only lasted for a month or so in late 1996. The only other guys that I can remember that were a part of it were Buff Bagwell and The Giant.
By Stinger1981 8 years ago
Nice, Do you have all these on tape or did u download them from somewhere? They should have done more of these with Macho Man and Hogan and other NWO members.
By TSteck160 8 years ago