Kika Nicolela
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The simple act of crossing the street. A banal, daily act, shared by thousands of people in the same city in a single moment; a corporal mass without identity. In the flux, the comfortable sensation of being anonymous. Suddenly, a rupture happens. The body releases itself and becomes free. This body in suspense starts to express a will and to reinvent itself. But which way should it choose?


International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari Romenia (November 2005) BEST FILM NOMINATION
Videoformes (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
Festival Images Contre Nature (Marseille, France)
International Short Film Festival Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)
Backup Festival 2003 (Weimar, Germany)
Anchorage Film Festival (Alaska, USA)
Mostra do Filme Livre (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
17ª Mostra do Audiovisual Paulista (São Paulo, Brazil)
Morbegno Film Festival (Morbegno, Italy)
Programa Zoom TV Cultura (broadcasting, Brazil)
Mostra Audiovisual Dança em Pauta 2005 (São Paulo, Brazil)
Mostra de Videodança Dança em Foco (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

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