Ukraine: Kramatorsk city police chief held - reports

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by euronews (in English)

In the city of Kramatorsk, in the east of Ukraine, local media have broadcast what are claimed to be images of the City Police Chief Vitaliy Kolupai being led away from police headquarters by Pro- Russian activists.

It was reported he had been taken to Slovyansk where he is allegedly being held against his will. Twenty-four hours earlier the armed activists had stormed the building.

According to a Ukrainian news agency the head of the OSCE, Europe’s security body, in the east of the country has called for the police chief’s release and said the action of the Pro-Russian activists was a breach of the Geneva agreement.

The police building had been the focus of clashes over the last 10 days. Separatists said they would not disarm until Right Sector, a Ukrainian nationalist group in western Ukraine did so first.