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    Tribute to Head (KoRn - Dead [song])


    przez Lucas

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    It makes me mad too, but not by him leaving the band but of the things that he said about Korn in the interviews like : "How bad Korn lyrics and influence was to our youth and children, making a bad example"
    Now wait a minute!!, isn't Korn against child pornography and isn't Korn against child abuse and isn't Korn letting the youth know how this things can fuck up your life as experienced by David's and his lyrics???.......Somebody answer me that, please!!....."i think that the religious fuckups people who brainwash Head's mind, make him think that Korn was the Devil or something, religion, i even fucking hate the word"
    Przez JohnHolmesCock9 lat temu
    frachement il me manque grave dans le groupe snif sinf c pu pareille !!
    Przez Nemesis4719 lat temu
    ct mon favori ossi mai bon
    tan pi
    Przez BonyBrothers9 lat temu
    head's wonderfull
    Przez MaxCore10 lat temu
    gsus still makes me pissed of that he left korn...he was my favorite :(
    Przez gsus10 lat temu
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