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    Walking on Water - An Excellent Film


    by OneWorldTV

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    In this mini-film, Excellent Development explains how its approach to creating development through conservation is benefiting communities in Kenya.

    In addition to exploring each individual element of the charity’s holistic approach to soil and water conservation, these films also offer a valuable insight into how Sand Dams, a key element of Excellent Development’s approach, represent an effective and necessary small-scale approach to strengthening communities’ long-term sustainability.

    Whilst being critical to improving water supplies, food production, health and incomes for communities in semi-arid Kenya, sand dams are also a grassroots answer to fighting climate change, a benefit recently reinforced by the release of the government commissioned Stern Report.

    The Stern Report has renewed attention on the impacts of climate change in Africa highlighting their uneven distribution, with the poorest countries being most affected.

    Simon Maddrell, Excellent Development co-founder comments, "The development challenges in semi-arid Africa are completely different to the industrial nations. In semi-arid Africa it is conservation that can actually create sustainable development. Water and soil conservation provides farmers with the environment to create livelihoods by creating oases in semi-arid lands that can support water and food security.

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