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    3RUN presents Assassin's creed edit - Parkour

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    Desmond has been captured by the Templars and interrogated on the where a bouts of the Apple of Eden. When they realise that he won't talk they decide to force him into the animus to try and find answers.

    The Legendary Assassin Altiar has tracked down some templars to a once big and mighty castle in the heart of England that has all but been left to ruin. When it becomes clear that the Templars are guarding something very valuable, Altiar has no option but to retrieve the artifact no matter the cost.

    Created: Cane Armitage
    Directors: Chase & Cane Armitage
    DOP: Chase Armitage
    Edited: Cane Armitage


    Cole Armitage
    Scott Young
    Sam Parham
    Shaun Andrews
    Michael Wilson
    James Stokes
    Chris Lodge
    Mat Armitage
    Paul Jones
    Fabio Santos

    Aerial Cinematography: HELIPOV

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