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    Raped girl on her way to recovery, father tries to rape her again in hospital

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    A father from Hsinchu, Taiwan, was arrested on rape and attempted rape charges. Since June, he repeatedly raped his 13-year-old daugher who, unable to deal with the trauma, attempted suicide.

    But the harrasment didn't stop there, not even after his daughter was hospitalized for hanging herself with a rope.

    The beast sneaked into the hospital, where she was still recovering, and sexually assaulted her by touching her breasts and genitals.
    He was arrested the same night by police.

    A 13-year-old girl was raised by her father for 6 years after her mother left the house following their divorce.

    Since June this year, the 43-year-old man started using violence on his daughter each time he would get drunk. He often forced her to perform oral sex and have sex with him.

    After the abuses, the girl fell quickly into depression and decided to speak up. She confessed her father's violence to her classmates and teacher at school. The teacher reported the girl's story to the police but the father rejected the accusations, claiming they were made up by his daughter.

    The girl was sent to attend sexual assault counseling sessions to deal with the trauma caused by her father. She also decided to leave the house and moved in with her mother. But the father kept harrassing her mother, asking for the daughter back.

    The daughter decided to commit suicide. She took a sleeping pill and hanged helself with a rope, but the attempt failed. She was sent to hospital where the father managed to sneak in and sexually assault her once again!

    The girl started screaming, medical personnel intervened and called the police. He managed to escape and police officers spent the whole night searching for him, before they arrested him on multiple charges of rape and one count of attempted rape.


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