Hidaka & Takanashi vs. Shisa & Sawa

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Zero-1 MAX - 3-8-07 - Ikuto Hidaka & Shota Takanishi vs. Super Shisa & Munenori Sawa. This match is all about Hidaka and Sawa, but Takanishi shows some good fire for such a young wrestler, and Super Shisa from Dragon Gate is pretty decent as well.

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Thank you for this, I've been wanting to see a full Shisa match for a while now and he didn't disappoint. That wacky double underhook suplex into a headstand pin was especially awesome, and I'm gonna have his entrance music stuck in my head for a week. But the real highlight for me was the two rookies going at it; Takanishi was pretty impressive for being so green, and while Sawa's look was a little generic, his offense was anything but. The Shining Wizard he hit was SICK. BTW, what title did Shisa come to the ring with? I don't remember him having any singles titles in Dragon Gate...
By NotoriousMDK 7 years ago