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    More violence in Iraq as the country prepares for April's parliamentary poll

    euronews (in English)

    by euronews (in English)

    For a second day running a wave of suicide bombings and other attacks across Iraq have left a trail of dead and wounded.

    At least 33 people died on Monday – the latest three bombs were part of a string of blasts carried out across the capital Baghdad.

    Earlier the towns of Madain, Mishahda and Latifiyah were targeted by roadside bombs and shootings.

    The deadliest incident was south of Baghdad in Kut province where a suicide bomber rammed his car full of explosives into a police checkpoint killing 12 and injuring another 26.

    The increase in violence has become the Shiite-led government’s most serious challenge as the nation heads to the polls on April 30. It will be the first vote in Iraq since the US army withdrew in 2011.