Meryl Davis & Maks - Tango - DWTS 18 (Party Anthem Night)

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Meryl Davis & Maks - Tango - DWTS 18 (Party Anthem Night)


Earanch: Couldn't have said it better!!! BRAVO!
By Debra Yeomans April
What a nurturing partnership. Symbiosis. Meryl bringing out Maks to do beyond his level of expertise. Maks bringing out Meryl's competitiveness and evolving into a fantastic ballroom dancer. It's amazing and endearing how Meryl responds to Maks outbursts of frustrations, fears and doubting of his worth by a simple act of tenderness- hold my hand. I'm standing by my man. Tenderness in times of crushing pressure. Maks is Fire. Meryl is Cool Water. What a perfect combination. I love the opener gesture of their Tango- Hold my hand.Well do this together all the way to the Mirror Ball. They're already Winners with this partnership.
By Earanch April
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! MAKS AND MERYL ARE SO CUTE!! There dance was amazing!!
By Valdaya-Dalena April