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    little house on the prairie


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    Karl 'Madman' Mundt

    Good nite, Pa !

    Good nite, Ma !

    ユーザー名 Karl 'Madman' Mundt7 年前
    season 1-theme doesn't have the ending like all the other seasons (except for the finale); season 2-completely new theme established with new ending (this video); season 3-drum beats little differnet, easily recognizible, also reworked ending part of start theme; season 4-little change in sound toward 25 seconds into the theme; season 5-drums replaced by whatever that thingy (sounds like sticks hitting eachother), similar to the 1977 theme; season 6&7-slightly different sound in the theme, reworked the 1978 theme; season 8-theme is warped with different ending to the start theme; finale series-theme completely redone with elements from the original them, turns to little house a new beginning,
    ユーザー名 Boatfan898 年前