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John Hutchison

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PARIS HILTONS NEW BFF KARLA KNIPTION Hey see Karla kniption writes ups in variety magazine in her new motion picture
It's a big surprise hollywoods keeping it secret tid bits at Www.parishilton.com remember Karla in the 2008 www.parisbff.com at no one block of 250 blocks of 25 folks Karla got close to number one and it's recorded screen shots hosted by metacafe videos This surprised all of Hollywood and got tracy boyd film maker interested and Kevin Alber of Hollywood very interested the www.decayene.com club interested as karlas videos came out more and more film folks started it like Tracy , Kevin Robert plus main medias like ksla radio fox history channel links will be posted to all this a big Huge surprise is the upcoming bumper stickers that will be all over north America just wait and