Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs -1942

Ken McPherson

by Ken McPherson

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Lucy Gray
Satire is what Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor and Whoopie Goldberg do. This, produced by whites for an audience of whites, is racist. It might at the same time provide some hot music, entertainment and a few chuckles. But I defy anyone alive today to watch it for more than a few minutes without cringing; I know I did. The exaggerated features, the hypersexuality, the accents, are all gross racial stereotypes and intended as such. That this, and other stereotyping of Jews, Asians, Germans, Italians, Hispanics, etc. was acceptable at the time is nothing to be proud of.
By Lucy GrayLast year
Dated, yes. Ethnocentric, perhaps - but the main message here is SATIRE. Most, if not all, of these old cartoons are revealing and criticizing American sterotypes of the time, not condoning them. Ever watch The Simpsons? Family Guy? American Dad? All the same concept. Too many Americans are obsessed with being PC and not seeing that this is criticizing racism. It is WARTIME. The producers are JEWISH. Get it?
By twitchBKK5 years ago
Racist and brilliant. What an unusual combination of reactions.
By foggytop5 years ago
Such an ignorant and Nazi like mentality from someone supposedly offended by the racism depicted in the cartoon above. "It offends me! Burn it!"

By jerusaelem6 years ago
Xavier Basabe
@zavkram its high time we burn this trash!
By Xavier Basabe6 years ago
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