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    Street fight: Father charged after punching teen son's opponent

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    Fist fight caught on camera: In video cellphone video released by police in Satellite Beach, Florida, what was supposed to be just two schoolboys duking it out in the time-honoured tradition of a pre-planned after school brawl turned into a caught-on-camera felony when 51-year-old Carl Nicks, the father of one of the boys, gets involved.

    The two boys started fighting, with Mom and Dad the only adults present, egging them on. The tussle between the two 14-year-olds continued and as it starts going south for Junior, the 6-foot 4-inch 240 pound family man joins the melee.

    Nicks is clearly seen pulling the other boy away from his son. He then grabs the tenager by the throat and punches him in the face several times, with the other boy rejoining the fight.

    Nicks was arrested after the victims mother alerted police. He faces felony child endangerment charges and prison time.


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