Woman cuts off leg to wear high heel shoes



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A 21-year-old American woman who was born with a clubfoot decided to amputate her leg in order to wear high heels. Mariah Serrano, of New York, is happy with her decision and now confidently works in the fashion industry.

Serrano grew up with the condition and despite having to wear a leg brace and undergoing five surgeries to correct it, doctors told her when she was 16 that she would never be able to walk in stilettos; even after therapy, one foot was noticeable bigger than the other.

While other girls at her prom danced in high heel shoes, the then 17-year-old Serrano had to wear a pair of golden sneakers under her formal gown. However, Serrano was determined to work in the fashion industry, and was convinced she could only do so if she could get into a pair of Louboutins herself.

Then she read that her favorite fashion designer, the late Alexander McQueen, had made a pair of fashionable prosthetic legs for the double-amputee athlete, Aimee Mullins. She asked her doctor if cutting off her curled limb might the solution to her and indeed, the option was available to her.

In 2009, she went under the knife. She endured a long recovery period, but felt it was worth it after slipping on her first pair of heels: white basket woman platform wedges by Alice + Olivia, a gift from her mother. Shortly after the operation, she landed a job with Betsey Johnson.

Serrano now works in the industry as a social media manager and is reported to own 10 pairs of heels (which really doesn't seem like a lot for a fashionista, but that's what the reports say). And while other women might see having to wear high-heeled shoes as a kind of torture brought about by a male-dominant tendencies to objectify women, Serrano confidently traipses about New York, shamelessly showing off her fake leg in beautiful shoes.


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