Italian mob boss beaten, fed alive to pigs in revenge murder case



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Italian mobster Francesco Raccosta was allegedly fed alive to pigs by rival gangsters, according to a report by Italian website Cronache.

It ain't news to anybody that the life of a mafia boss is fraught with danger. The death of Francesco Raccosta has delivered the latest lesson in the perils of mob life.

Raccosta vanished without a trace sometime last year from his home in Calabria and is now believed to have been kidnapped by a rival gangster seeking revenge as part of a bloody 60-year southern Italian mob feud.

Raccosta was allegedly first beaten severely before being thrown in a pig sty where he was allegedly fed alive to a herd of pigs, who quickly chewed through his body as he screamed, begging for mercy.

Police have pinned the murder on 24-year-old rival mobster Simone Pepe, whom they wire-tapped and heard boasting about Raccosta's death.

"It was so satisfying hearing him scream. Mamma mia he could scream," Pepe was reportedly heard bragging on the phone, according to a report by the Daily Mirror.

"I didn't see a f****** thing left. People say sometimes they leave something. In the end there was nothing left. Those pigs could certainly eat."


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