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    Steelers coach Mike Tomlin stops Jacoby Jones touchdown

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    Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin really likes to be a part of the action, so much so that he made his way onto the field with his back turned to the play in the third quarter Thursday night, just missing running into Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones on a kickoff return.

    The incident during the 73-yard return got the fans riled up at M&T Bank Stadium as Baltimore ended up settling for a field goal in their 22-20 win.

    Tomlin was not penalized for sideline interference, although he probably should have been, as he got out of the way at the last second to avoid obstructing Jones' path. It did look as if Jones had to alter his direction somewhat. Jones was up and complaining immediately after being taken down by cornerback Cortez Allen. The Pro Bowl kick returner pointed towards the Steelers' bench.

    After the game, coach Tomlin said he didn't think that he interfered with the play while at the same time admitting he shouldn't have been on the field. "...I do it quite often, like everybody else in the National Football League. I was wrong, I accept responsibility."
    Jones didn't blame Tomlin for costing him the score. "As soon as I hit the hole and I was running down the sideline, I was looking at him the whole time like, 'Is he going to move?'" Jones said. "Literally, I was thinking, 'Is he going to move?' I just weaved out of the way. I broke my stride a little but I still should not have gotten caught. I would have done the same thing if I was him."

    Guess Tomlin has been watching Jason Kidd lately.


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