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    Fedor Emelianenko vs Matt Lindland


    by noirRLC

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    Belle Video :) :)) ...........
    By lovelygirl20505 years ago
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    By indiangirl4u5 years ago
    Mikey Bowers
    Fact: The only one who didn't show up for the rules meeting was Emilianenko.... the first thing the Ref emphasized was not to hang on the rope.... basically it was the ref's fault for not enforcing it during the fight. About the loss, Yes Fedor was in trouble with someone two weight classes higher than him, and Lindland was tagging Fedor with some damn good shots.... But who knows what would've happended right? Lindland has a strong wrestling background (Silver in the Olympics) and it it is also a fact that wrestlers are the toughest to fight becuase of the toughness on the ground, Fedor was going down, used the ropes for leverage and then ended up on top of Lindland becuase3 of it. You can't argue that. No Matter what you goofs say. I thought Fedor was unstoppable until I saw this fight about six months ago on youtube.... and looked up Matt Lindland.... see for yourself.... Period.
    By Mikey Bowers5 years ago
    il a u chaud fedor un peu :)
    By alexandre6 years ago
    Dude stop crying over rope shit, he wasn't holding rope, what would you expect when someone is pushing you INTO the ropes that is 80+ kilos weight? ofcourse u would go into the ropes, byw have u seen that flip on the ground he did to Lindland? Like a toy.
    By kaain_lb6 years ago
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