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    Louisiana Aye Eh-Allotria JB 1986

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Louisiana Aye Eh-Allotria JB 1986
    One of the most popular jazz bands from Germany, the Allotria Band from Munich performs in 1986 at the Victoria BC festival in Canada.
    Allotria was formed in 1969 and, today in 2007, I read that most of the members are still together and touring the world.
    Dr Rainer Sander is their leader and plays alto, tenor and clarinet. Pit Mueller trumpet, Dieter Lauterbach trumpet and vocal, Fritz Stewens trombone, Achim Scherz piano, Manfred Zoebisch banjo, Juergen Hinz bass and during this festival drummer Gregor Beck was substituted by one of Europe’s best drummers, Charly Antolini.
    We, with Climax followed this superb band in the next set, and I had some time to film part of their set with my new Video8 camera.
    They were a hard act to follow.