Pokemon 10 Movie Preview


by Matkin

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A brief preview of the 10th Pokemon movie. Things to note: Ash is riding a Pidgeot; Dialga and Palkia have at least one major battle; Darkrai protects Ash and Alice from Dialga's Hyperbeam.


Belle Video ...! .... ,,,.....
By eshasweety 3 years ago
Please explain to me why you aren't famous yet? anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? :-)
By cutybaby123 4 years ago
That it for a song?
By garizard 4 years ago
it was staravia..not pidgeot..LOL :PP
By hala panga dji 5 years ago
Voila pour toi yuyunani
By doudoumama 5 years ago
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