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    Baby boy refuses to let go of mom after birth


    by PressTV

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    An adorable video has captured a baby's first few moments of life. The new-born just couldn't let go of her mother as nurses tried to take him away for cleaning.

    The new-born infant-- who was delivered into the world through C-section, just refused to let go of his mother’s face after he was presented for skin-to-skin contact. As seen in this video, the baby starts wailing when the nurse tries to take him away. But he stops as soon as he's able to touch his mother again. The infant continues to grab his mother’s face, who opens her eyes and smiles at the camera at one point. The nurse eventually removes the baby to bundle it up. And of course he wouldn't stop crying. The identities of mother and child are unknown. But the voice in the background has been suggested as Spanish or Portuguese.