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    South Korean woman miraculously recovers her decayed teeth through reality show

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    Kim Bai Ju, a 28-year-old South Korean woman with a mouth full of black, bad teeth, had been living a miserable life since age 7. Her bad teeth not only affected her appearance but also prevented her from eating properly. She works as a server in a restaurant but she never opened her mouth to order for customers because of her bad teeth.

    She broke three lower teeth at a park when she was 7. She didn't receive treatment but took large amounts of anodyne. Eventually, bacterial infection in her gum caused her teeth to decay.

    She was finally given an opportunity for treatment through a TV show. Dentists found out that 12 out of her 32 teeth all decayed and needed to be extracted. She underwent eight different surgeries and finally regained a mouth of healthy and beautiful teeth.


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