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    Fast-food strikes and protests aim at 100 US cities

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    Fast food workers have announced plans to strike in more than 100 American cities on Thursday to demand higher wages. The action, which builds on efforts made more than a year ago to raise the national minimum hourly wage of $7.25, will see protesters demand a wage increase to $15 an hour.

    The one-day walk-off follows similar actions over the summer, and while organizers admit the single move may not be enough to make fast food companies increase employee compensation, they stress the protest is but one step in the right direction.

    So what if the striking workers get what they want? How might this affect the American fast food industry. We here at NMA present a few ideas ...

    If wages go up, it seems possible that menu process with follow suit. This could make fast food slightly less attractive, and maybe people will eat at home more often, or maybe they will just eat smaller portions of the tasty, yet fatty, salty products.

    Or maybe folks higher up the food chain will have to make less money, which might pose problems for their households. Executives might have sell their second yacht, or maybe their trophy wives will abandon them for Silicon Valley geeks, or Middle Eastern oil tycoons.

    But would this mean an increase in the quality of the lives of the people actually doing the dirty work at fast food chains? Maybe making a living wage would mean that these people could provide better lives for their families, assuming the companies wouldn't lay a bunch of people off to offset the costs incurred by better wages.


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