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    Christmas Songs: Undies from Granny

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    A Very NMA Christmas Album available on iTunes now!

    It's that time of year again, boys and girls, when Santa Claus is coming to town! But our little hero isn't worried about being bad or good, he's more excited about what Granny is going to stuff in his stocking. Screw the iPhone or PS4, all he needs is a pair of undies.

    Celebrate your holidays with four original Christmas carols brought to you by your favorite Taiwanese Animators. So sit back by the yule log with your eggnog as we bring you a very NMA Christmas!

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    Christmas time is here and it's time to gather,
    Everybody holding hands around the tree.
    Once a year I make a list and send it to Santa,
    But I always get some undies from Granny.

    From the time that I was young I really loved my Granny.
    Yes it's true without her wig and teeth she'll give you a scare.
    But she always got me what I really wanted for Christmas,
    Thank you Granny for my super-special underwear.

    Now Granny isn't everybody's favorite.
    She's mean and deaf and blind and she's warm as the snow.
    But me and Granny laugh in all their faces.
    Cause we love each other from our heads down to our toes!

    The kids in school all thought that I was crazy.
    They showed off all their gifts with smiles and glee.
    But my favorite gift was hiding in my blue jeans.
    They're covered up with reindeers and a wink from Granny.


    'Twas another cold and frosty Christmas morning.
    I ran downstairs and leapt past the tree,
    I was shocked when I peered inside my stocking.
    It was dark and cold, where were my undies???

    There must be some mistake, what's wrong with Granny?
    I hope she didn't slip and kick the bucket.
    I need that underwear to keep me warm and cozy.
    While I'm outside with the turkey trying to pluck it.

    Just before I burst into tears, Granny bursts in with a song!
    "The stores were all sold out - no boxers, briefs, or thongs..."
    But now she's smackin' her gummies and twirlin' some undies...
    And poor Santa's flying home, freezing off his bummy!



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