Two dozen hookers nailed in Tokyo's Shinjuku district



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Twenty-four Japanese prostitutes were arrested while cruising for johns on the streets of Tokyo's Ikebukuro and Kabukichō districts.

One of the arrested women, a 30-year-old, wished to visit a 'host club', a kind kind of nightclub staffed by sexy men which caters to women. However, she couldn't afford it. And so, she devised a creative solution — "I'll become a prostitute to make some extra cash!" Taking to her new profession, she went into the night and joined the assembled night sex workers.

One of the arrested women noted that every man she passed on the street now looked like Fukuzawa Yukichi, man depicted on Japan's 10,000-yen note — the equivalent of one Benjamin.

They allegedly profited an average of 15,000 Yen, or about $147, from each job. Tokyo police picked up the two dozen hookers aged 18 to 60. All prostitution is illegal in Japan.


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