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    Racist cops? Teen girl snatched from black guardians by Houston PD

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    In what looks yet another cut and dry case of racial profiling by uniformed officers, Houston police snatched a white 13-year-old girl away from her black teachers -her legal guardians at the time- and whisked her away to child protection services.

    Landry Thompson and dance instructor Emmanuel Hurd, both from Oklahoma, had travelled to Houston to attend a dance workshop and had stopped in to a gas station in the evening, on the way back to their hotel.

    As they were getting their bearings on the car's GPS, Hurd dozed off. Moments later police arrived and surrounded the group's car.

    Thompson and Hurd say police then yanked them from the vehicle without warning or explanation. According to Hurd, both dance teachers were ordered to put their hands behind their backs.

    Officers then put handcuffs on Thompson and sat her in the back of a patrol car before taking her to state child protection services.

    After repeated calls to authorities from her her mother, Thompson was eventually released back to Hurd. Houston police have not offered an explanation for their actions.


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