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    Man molested girl as she slept next to her boyfriend

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    Twenty-five year-old Lee Ci-min (李啟民) from Kinmen, Taiwan, sneaked into the room next to his girlfriend's this May. When he saw the girl inside was sleeping naked he proceeded to molest, even though her boyfriend was asleep right next to her.

    According to the police investigation Lee returned to Kinmen to visit his girlfriend in May. One day after drinking he sneaked into his girlfriend neighbor's unlocked room before dawn and molested her.

    The girl was woken by Lee and then woke up her boyfriend. Lee quickly fled. The girl's boyfriend chased after him and found Lee in the corridor on the phone asking his girlfriend to open the door for him. The boyfriend then called the police.

    Lee told the police that he was drunk and had walked into the wrong room and got into bed. He said he thought that the girl was his girlfriend and had touched her.

    The victim, however, told police that she tried to warn the Lee by staring at him for several seconds after he sneaked into her room. Furthermore, she said he was aware enough to call his girlfriend to get her to open the door after getting caught which proved he had deliberately snuck into her room.

    The police arrested Lee last month on charges of breaking and entering and sex without consent after they found the girl's bodily fluid on on his hands.


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