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    Beauty queen burned to death in car crash was about to reveal her abortion to boyfriend

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    A rich Taiwanese beauty queen from New Taipei City, Taiwan, burnt to death in a car crash at 2am yesterday morning when she was on her way to confront her boyfriend with an abortion she had last month.

    34-year-old Deng Yi-ting was a well-off landlady. Having being deserted by her parents when she was a teenager, she wrote on Facebook that she vowed to keep her unborn baby and raise it alone when her boyfriend refused to take parental responsibility. She also posted on Facebook that it was tough to go through pregnancy tests all by herself but she had quit smoking and sleeping pills, and would stay strong for her baby to be a good mom, despite coming from a broken family.

    Yet, concerned over not being able to cope with the heavy duties of a single parent, she chose abortion after all.

    Last night, she called her boyfriend, asking him to come over to talk about the abortion. Her boyfriend turned her down, saying he was too drunk to go out. In a rage, she got in her luxurious sedan, worth an estimated USD$68,000, to drive to her boyfriend's house, but then the tragedy ensued. She lost control of her car and crashed into a traffic divider and died in the burning vehicle.

    According to police, Deng was born in Hong Kong and brought up in Taiwan. She emigrated to the US after graduating from high school and had entered several beauty contests in California. She moved back to Taiwan in 2011, living on rent she collected from property she owned. Her father now resides in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, while her mother lives in the US. Neither of them visited the crash site, instead leaving her brother to do it alone.


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