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    Snoop Dogg's - Hood of Horror


    by HoodofHorror

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    Trailer for Snoop's newest film.

    Snoop narrates 3 separate horror stories and plays the lead role in the animated introduction.

    The introduction is sick, it has a Spawn vibe to it, dark, edgy and explosive, which was overseen by the Academy award winning FX Supervisor John Gaeta from the Matrix trilogy.

    The first story tells the tale of a female graffiti artist who's art takes more than one life of it's own.

    The second story is of a sex crazed pervert and his horny stripper slut wife from Texas who try and steal the inheritance of some veteran soldiers and end up behind enemy lines.

    The Final Story is a hip hop mainstay, a story of betrayal, money, and murder.

    This movie has it all: spurting blood, gutt wrenching gore, laugh out loud comedy, hot ladies, dope graffiti, strait from the hottest reaches of hell hip hop, all stirred up by the murderous master of ceremonies himself - Snoop Doggy Dogg