The Pogues - Fiesta!!!

Catherine C.

par Catherine C.

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merci a mon pere pour m'avoir fait connaitre ce groupe des l'age de mes premier pas!!!!
Par staffIl y a 7 ans
I am Francesco Vasquez Garcia
I am welcome to Almeria
We have sin gas and con leche
We have fiesta and feria
We have the song of the chochona
We have brandky and half corona
And Leonardo and his accordione
And calamari and macaroni

Come all you rambling boys of pleasure
And ladies of easy leisure
We must say Adios! until we see
Almeria once again

Par breizhataocapsizunIl y a 7 ans
There is minstrel, there you see
And he stoppeth one in three
He whispersin this one's ear
"Will you kindly kill that doll for me"
Now he has won chochona in the bingo
All the town has watched this crazy gringo
As he pulls off the dolls head laughing
And !miraldo! throws it's body in the sea

El veinticinco de agosto
Abrio sus ojos Jaime Fearnley
Pero el bebe cinquante gin campari
Y se tendio para cerrarlos
Y costellos el rey del America
Y suntuosa Cait O Riordan
Non rompere mes colliones
Los gritos fuera de les casas
Par breizhataocapsizunIl y a 7 ans
Par vict321Il y a 8 ans
Par vict321Il y a 8 ans
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