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    RZA - Holocaust


    by jekyllah

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    [holocaust, (ms. roxy)]
    (bobby digital), wu-tang killa bees
    (it’s all about bobby, I’m floatin in your galaxy)

    u fallin down a endless tunnel of doom reality
    Graphically, my killer bee family stings the galaxy
    Insanity, titanium stomach, devourin guiness
    My flesh is solid stone despite my outer appearance
    Still deceases kill viruses, planets and racial creatures
    Made mc’s sprout tumors so bad, lost facial features
    Waste your peoples, left out in the rain, fountains of pain
    Eighty shots to the mouth and the brain, shoutin my name
    Holocaust, black man, lose vains, littered with thorns
    Back-smack you so hard, all your seeds will be formed deformed
    Swarm dorms, sting birds, fling verbs like mean curbs
    Strike 3, mics flee, I infect em with green germs, ringworm
    Cuz I’m filthy and guilty, dastardly, mastery
    My felony melody has to be a bastards masterpiece
    Stop graftin me, chump-ass niggaz eyein me, temp me
    I’ll break it simply, I’m horrifyingly empty
    Spittin darts on the tip of a glacier used for my hide-out
    Rock crush or german suplex, watch spines slide out the side route
    Forearm bash with twenty jabs on the ave. or your lab, get stabbed in bloody
    While, I’m sippin herbal teas, verbal bees plant fertile seeds
    Bitches leave with broke backs, swollen palms and purple knees
    Circle thieves like vultures in deserts rest on a cactus
    Got oscar nominee mc’s stuck to my hatchet
    Drastic, indescribable pain, I injure bars
    While, bobby’s throwin razor cd’s like ninja stars


    Yo, yo, yo, dropped down a man-hole, yo, I rap ammo
    Blows out your candle, check, yo
    Dropped down a man-hole, I rap ammo
    Blows out your candle, have wu-tang tagged up on your tombstone by jandel
    Release the info, 4-4 increase ur heart tempo
    Scared ur ass, u jumped through a closed window
    To a hundred beats per a second, my mic’s secret weapon
    Infertiate ur style to that of led zeplin...