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    Parents Outraged After Condom-Filled Package Arrives for Young Daughter

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    A mom and dad in Staten Island are outraged because someone sent their young daughter condoms.

    A couple in Staten Island is outraged because someone sent their young daughter condoms. The mother, Christine Angelides shared the troubling story with reporters.

    According to her, an Amazon box was sent to the family home, addressed specifically to her 8-year-old daughter, Gianna. Christine opened the package and found 2 brand new boxes of ‘Durex Extra Sensitive’ condoms.

    Christine contacted Amazon, wanting to know who the sender is. Staffers did tell her the order isn’t a mistake, however, due to legalities, the company was unable to tell her anything about the sender without a subpoena.

    They advised Christine to contact police. An officer initially told the concerned mom the delivery could be considered harassment and allowed her to file a report, but a short time later, they essentially closed the case without finding out who sent the disturbing package.

    Fortunately, Christine was able to keep the package out of Gianna’s hands before she could question what was inside. That’s probably the only bright side to the story, as the family is still in fear for their daughter’s safety.

    Christine has examined her own amazon account to see if someone in her house ordered the condoms, but she found no coinciding orders. The suspect behind the shipment remains unknown.